The WORLD OF MUSIC AND DANCE INSTITUTE LLC was founded in 2018 by Mrs.Sajna Alakkandy an experienced MBA professional and marketing expert with over 12 years of experience in India, Maldives, and UAE. Finally decided to follow her passion for Music and dance and to fulfil the mission and vision dreamt by her. The group in addition boasts of an experienced management team with people from various field who would contribute in the success of the organization and its goals. Our teachers are certified,well experienced professionals and come from India and other countries. They hold recognized music education degrees and experience of teaching children and adults.

At WMDI, we believe that every child, woman and man has an innate musical ability and we can develop and nurture this talent for a healthier and more enriching life, whether you are six, sixteen or sixty. For those who want to play these tunes on their favorite musical instrument and dance to the music beats, there is no better place than WMDI.

Our Motto is “To Train and Educate Upcoming Music and Dance Legends”.

We offer Music , Dance and Yoga for all age groups and have dedicated classes for adults and children . Kids and Adults dance classes are available in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Ballet, Salsa, Belly dance, Contemporary, Folk and Zumba Samba.