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The dance form Kathak is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit word Katha meaning “story,” & Kathak in Sanskrit means “someone who tells a story,” or “to do with stories.” Like early Greek theatre, wandering Kathakas communicated stories from the great epics and ancient mythology through dance, songs, and music.

One of the eight most popular forms of Indian classical dances, Kathak, originated from Uttar Pradesh, India. As mentioned, the infamous phrase “Katha kahe so kathak kahave,” the one who tells the story is Kathak. This dance form traces its roots from the tradition of storytellers & is also known as ‘Natavari Nrutya.’


The main structure of a conventional Kathak dance performance tends to follow a progression in tempo from slow to fast, then ending with a dramatic climax. Rhythmic footwork, types of spins, suggestive & subtle expressions are the fortes of Kathak. Traditional Kathak dance presentations include showcasing a Taal in the Nrutta section, performing emotion-filled compositions in the Nrutya section, and presenting extraordinary pieces that have extensions of Kathak dance techniques, e.g., Chatrang, Sargam, Tarana, Trivat, etc.

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In WMDI academy, we give professional training to Kathak students so that they become professional & can make a career in Kathak dance form. Apart from professional training in Kathak dance style, we also give them opportunities to perform on stage. Here at WMDI, join our top-class Kathak Classes Melbourne & improve your dance skills with the best dance instructors of our institute.

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WMDI is one of the premier professional Kathak dance institutes in Melbourne. We are considered one of Brisbane’s best Kathak dance institutes and impart practical and theoretical training at a highly skilled level in Kathak dance and its associated disciplines to create the next generation of professionals. We firmly believe that a solid disciplinary approach through cultural education and programs would churn out & fine-tune artists with capabilities. Additionally, our institute provides a platform for students to showcase their talents. The institute’s aim is not just to facilitate the students with the degrees but also to give them the real essence of the art styles. Our dance training faculty of teachers includes the top qualified, best experienced professional Kathak dance training instructors, trainers for Indian folk dance forms, and global dance styles. Connect with our institute for Kathak Dance For Beginners Brisbane & take your passion to the next higher level.

.The Kathak dance experts of our academy incorporate traditional + modern concepts of dance for all levels and types, making it an advanced international grade online dance training program. We conduct dance classes of variable term duration for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels with live online class lessons taught through Skype, Google Meet, Duo, and Zoom. Students can join an appropriate training group to learn Kathak’s syllabus-guided dancing skills from the global faculty of tutors. In addition to Kathak, online dance classes are also offered by academy trainer instructors in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Kathakali, and other Indian classical forms of dancing, folk dance styles, Bollywood movies, dance songs & western popular dance styles. If you are interested in joining our Kathak Dance Classes, connect with our institute through a Call or WhatsApp.